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Retain Wellbeing

Our primary goal is to promote social inclusion for all
Enhance quality of life through enabling, i.e. helping people take part in activities that are important to them.
We help clients to learn new skills relevant to their life or retain life skills:

  • Achieve a sense of  recovery and wellbeing
  • Promote awareness and provide awareness training sessions for private organisations and community groups relating to conditions such as: Dementia Awareness, Communication, Person Centered Care, Privacy and Dignity, Mental Health Awareness and Deaf Awareness
  • Increase control over important areas of their life
  • Access opportunities to achieve their goals
  • Consider ways of living more healthily

We have a number of Retain therapists and befrienders who provide our services all wellbeing services are tailored to individual needs, detailed below are a few services we offer.

An elderly man in front of a group of young people

Our befriending/companion service aims to ensure a whole range of benefits; allowing people to feel less socially isolated and lonely, to have more confidence and a greater sense of independence. We will always do our best to ensure that our befrienders are well matched to each individual according to mutual interests and preferences so if its walking, swimming, fishing or dancing we can enable. We ensure that our approaches build confidence and enable our clients to live well.

  • Days out
  • Shopping
  • Lunch
  • Companionship days, evenings & nights (please note we do not provide personal care services)
  • Club attendances
  • Cookery companions
  • Housework companion