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Reflexology for relaxation & wellbeing
DRCreflexologyWe provide Reflexology for relaxation and wellbeing in a variety of settings within The DRC. Reflexology is a holistic therapy suitable for all ages, and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Reflexology has been shown to be affective for; Back pain, Migraines, headaches, Sleep disorders, Digestive problems, Circulatory problems, Stress related disorders and Arthritis; all common ailments affecting you our client and your family . Reflexology is a particularly suitable as it helps circulation, regulates bodily functions and can aid detoxification.
No outer clothing, except footwear, need be removed, and the techniques can be easily applied in a sitting or reclining so your dignity and modesty is always maintained.

Please contact Cathrina Moore on 0151 336 7967 for further information