The Chapel House
Chapel House Lane, Puddington, Cheshire, CH64 5SW

0151 336 2323

Mental health recovery outreach service


  • Education in mental health recovery focused approaches.
  • Assistance with accommodation, moving, acquiring furnishings and other essential household items.
  • Organisation of household tasks (e.g. cooking, budgeting/managing finances, shopping etc.).
  • Orientation to the local community and community services (e.g. use of public transport, shopping centers etc.).
  • Assisting individuals to participate in leisure, recreational, social, educational, and/or vocational activities, depending upon the individual’s interests and abilities.
  • Advocacy with other organisations and services.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Skill development, including encouragement of natural skills & interests, coping strategies & living skills.
  • Referral to other suitable services as needed. Our team has strong links with other health and wellbeing initiatives such as the GIFT Network (Gaining Independence Fostering Talents) currently operating in South Wirral.

Please contact Cathrina Moore on 0151 336 7967 for further information