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Life Skills

Life Skills

gardeningWe have specific areas which focus on people’s lives and past work roles.

Life skills are familiar roles and tasks that were routine and commonplace in a person’s life.

In our own homes we can readily access opportunities, memories, and items and make contacts that enable us to feel involved in life. We prepare each day’s activities based upon the likes, occupation and abilities of those attending.

We will provide real opportunities for people to engage, share, remember, for people to see and feel elements of their past and present lives around them. We ascertain from people attending what common jobs or experiences in life they had —create life skill areas that draw on these.

Life skill areas cover a range of roles, tasks and events in people’s lives, people’s employment, household skills and themes linked to times and places.

Reminiscence kits/baskets

As well as ‘areas’ we have a number of reminiscence kits created on similar themes which can be used on a one-to-one basis. The purpose of the kits is for them to come to the person rather than people having to go to the area. Reminiscence kits can also be personalised to an individual for their sole use.

We also provide lap baskets to evoke connections with people. These are useful where people are unable to fully connect with life skill areas or kits, but where people can still connect to tactile and visual items in a more simplified version.

We have a number of life skills kitchen areas filled with warm and homely familiar items. We encourage everyone to engage in familiar routines of daily life such as washing up, sweeping floors and baking in a safe and positive environment. An immense sense of pleasure and pride can be gained from getting involved and feeling valued.

These everyday activities also offer the opportunity to reminisce about old times which can provide comfort, reassurance and quite often humour.

We have three additional rooms for life skills pursuits and a lovely decking and country garden with seating and our vegetable plot, accordingly we are able to provide the life skills most appropriate to your needs.