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Food & Mealtimes

Cathrina Moore has an NHS Catering background and studied Catering before commencing nursing studies on completion of both Mental Health and General Nursing studies she has also attained a BSc Hons in Professional Practice – Older People; as part of this degree she focused on eating difficulties for those with dementia.

“Nutritious food plays a big role in physical and mental wellbeing, having varied appetising meals encourages our clients to eat well, it’s well documented that this can be challenging at times – that’s why we put so much effort into providing an extensive choice of nutritious meals, special diet options and creative individualised care planning”

Cathrina Moore

We provide high quality meals, varied snacks and modified textured meals for those with swallowing difficulties which look as close to a “normal textured meal” as possible; the visual experience of meal presentation, it’s taste and consistency is very important to us to ensure everyone can enjoy high quality nutritious foods.  Fresh fruit is available daily either whole, chopped or as a smoothies. We can provide meals to meet cultural requirements that include Kosher, Halal, African-Caribbean and Asian vegetarian.

“Each of us has our own routines, preferences and needs, our activities planner assists our team support our clients maintain their preferences. We can provide several alternatives and for those experiencing a loss of appetite we commence a timed snack programme to stimulate the palate and assess what foods are currently preferable, our tastes do change therefore we need to provide a varied food choice.”

Cathrina Moore