The Chapel House
Chapel House Lane, Puddington, Cheshire, CH64 5SW

0151 336 2323


Day Care Fees

We can provide day care at any of our premises based upon the “Visitors” (Clients) needs and the fees range from £55 per day.

Room Fees

Our fees depend very much on the home and room selected, the homes have a number of varied rooms; there are some standard single bedrooms (Chapel House only) , some with En-suite with a WHB & WC, or WHB, WC & Shower & some with a full Bathroom. Many rooms are suites with bedroom & living accommodation.
Fees range from £900 to £1200 per week.

Please note that all our services for new clients are liable for a one off admission fee, this covers expenses the home incurs that do not relate to personal or nursing care such as administration (excluding accounting and invoicing costs) , file storage, clothing labels and application of labels, postage etc.

The National Health Service makes a contribution directly to The Chapel House for the nursing care that we provide and this is not included in the fees quoted.
Ever since we opened in 1987 it has been our family ethos that we also welcome individuals whose fees have to be met partially or wholly by the local authority social services department or by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) if funded for Continuing Health Care please feel free to discuss this with us. We make our services available to everyone who needs us and chooses us, regardless of their financial circumstances