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Culture Change update Cathrina & Kim

The last year has been a wonderful experience that I hope we will never forget and we feel the culture change journey will influence our personal and working life for ever. Before embarking upon the course I knew as an organisation we were stuck and as managers we were frustrated we knew something needed to change and it was providence that the culture change course was reduced for your anniversary otherwise we could not of afforded it , so thank you for this….

So much has happened this year you have helped us charge forward and champion our ideals we have forged new business connections we are doing community projects tackling social isolation for carers and people with dementia and over the next year we will be involved in a research project and a pilot study all in relation to quality improvement in dementia care. We hope that we may be assessed for Butterfly status in the upcoming months we are realistic we have a lot to do even though we have achieved a lot in a short space of time. The process is lengthy but we want real culture change Kim and I have achieved this in our own practice as managers and the rest we feel will fall in to place.

I really hope we can work with Dementia Matters again (still want to do the family work course). Sally’s session was also very helpful.

Kind Regards,

Cathrina Moore RMN RGN
Dementia Resource Community