The Chapel House
Chapel House Lane, Puddington, Cheshire, CH64 5SW

0151 336 2323


We offer varied activities through our retain program we have several team members trained to facilitate/provide a variety of activates such as:

DRC reflexologyMusic Therapy
Movement programs
Relaxation Therapy
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
Indoor sports
Quiz masters
Social Groups
Art Therapy

This is in conjunction with our activities coordinators sessions and we have regular music acts.
We have our daily news paper the Daily Chat which is a 5 page daily reminiscence newspaper that is packed with old news stories and entertainment geared towards helping people remember times from days gone by.

We have two wheel chair access mini buses for regular trips out.

We are currently implementing the “Namaste Care ” program to improve quality of for clients with advanced dementia Namaste means to honor the spirit within.

New for 2015/16

‘Love is like a butterfly: occupying people living with a dementia in care homes.’ David Sheard, Director of Dementia Care Matters describes The Butterfly Approach™

Cathrina is also implementing the Butterfly Approach (Dementia Care Matters), Butterflies are colourful, can flit around a room or be still, can change the moment and can brighten a second in someone’s life – being person centred is similar. In a busy day being person centred is knowing how to touch peoples lives. All of us can live in the moment; all of us can change someone’s day through small things. (Sheard 2007).